What Kind of Traveler Are You?

//What Kind of Traveler Are You?

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

We all know everything doesn’t work for everyone.  We also believe that in order to know how to pack, you must first know the type of traveler you are.    In this blog you’ll not only learn the type of traveler you are but your travel style and tips that will make your life easier, curated just for you.

At Her Leisure grounds people of color in travel, culture, and curiosity, offering the tools and resources to create powerful memories and connections with their world.  Having traveled for work, life and leisure, we take pride in having had direct insight to individuals from various nationalities, backgrounds, and creeds boarding, eating, sleeping and living with them.

Whether you’re a working mom, student or travel with your significant other, you’ll easily identify your travel personality and style.

Before we speak departure and arrival, think about these questions;

  • Do you enjoy the city or the suburbs?
  • Do you like nature/rural areas or urban/populated ones?
  • Do you enjoy physical activities or mental ones?
  • How do you feel about traffic, crowds, and lines?
  • Are you looking to relax, be active, or source a new environment to increase productivity and concentration?

These questions not only assist in the mental and physical preparation of trips for work, life or leisure,  but they help you to understand the type of traveler you are and ultimately, how you’ll need to pack.

So, What Kind of Traveler Are You?

1. The Wanderer/Culture Buff

You are a curious intellectual and travel is the method to broadening your horizons in art, culture, and history. When traveling to new and familiar places, you have your own bucket list and are therefore uninterested in visiting every tourist attraction or being a part of the crowd/group.  You enjoy hop on/hop off bus tours as you would rather wander around.  You equally find beauty in modern architecture and the aging, abandoned structures in town.  You prefer to eat like a local and are willing to save your appetite for authenticity. You are all about being immersed in the culture of a place and learning what it would be like to actually live there.  You take stellar photos and caption/blog with passion.

Travel Style

You need comfortables shoes and lightweight accessories as you have places to go, people to see and things to do.  A crossbody bag is your ideal travel companion as you’re only carrying a phone, charger, pocket dictionary, water/snacks and camera.  You go in and out of your bag to take pictures, buy food, post your amazing photos and actively take notes/record travel guides.

2. Leisureist

No matter how long it’s been since your last trip, you are simply in pursuit of leisure. You don’t intentionally reject invitations to travel, you’re just satisfied with your cabin, boat and deck lounging staycations.  You’re hard-working and although your busy schedule has kept you away from travel and leisure, it has afforded you luxury accommodations.

Travel Style

You’re not interested in carrying the weight of anything on your shoulders but you will oblige the tote bag or accessory of your significant other, family or friends.  Lined with a complementary Ankara fabric, this unisex tote bag can pass off to either party.

3. The First Time Traveler

As a first time traveler, you have concerns as you don’t really know what to do.  You have most likely misplaced/lost things on more than one occasion so you overcompensate and over pack.  You tend to guard your belongings as well as everyone else’s.  When you do vacation, your priority is to relax. You seek a break away from reality and will carefully plan your travel well in advance.  You prefer to stay close to the hotel and are content chilling at the beach all day with a drink in hand.  You are also open to visiting attractions in the area but it’s not a priority.

Travel Style

You have normal concerns for a first-timer and you’ll need a drawstring bag to ease yourself into the world at large.  Similar to a backpack, the drawstring bag is the perfect accessory for your next adventure.  Throw in your essentials and anything else that makes you comfortable.  It’s all there.

4. The Adventurous Traveler

You are full of energy, curiosity and come prepared with an itinerary that’s fearless and full of recreation.  You have no plans to sleep as you aim to do everything on your list.  Whether it’s zip lining, cliff diving or ATV’s you are up for the challenge.  It’s rare that everyone in your travel group is as brave as you but occasionally someone joins in on the fun.

Travel Style

You just need a travel bag to get you there and back.  Durable, water-resistant and TSA approved, this bag is ready for the road warrior within you.

5. The Romantic Traveler

Love looks good on you and your idea of romance is travel.  What better way to connect with your partner, celebrate an anniversary or break away from the kids than by sunset, breakfast in your private infinity pool, cliff resorts, and relaxing spas.  You’ve waited all year for this special trip and put preparation into the packing.

Travel Style

You seek to express yourself with passion, personal style and all at her leisure.  You live for culture and cultivation of life’s pleasures.  When searching for an accessory, you seek something agile, bold and designed to align, keeping the attention on you.   A pouch is a perfect accessory to carry for a day at the beach or a casual occasion.


So what kind of traveler am I?  I was labeled “The Wanderer” not just because of my perceived black girl magic lighting speed travel abilities, but because it was admirable how I would transcend to a new destination in my mind.

My ideal trips are filled with sights, sounds and nontraditional experiences that appeal to the student within me. Travel is the ultimate way to learn yourself and your world.   


Author: Jennifer Wilder

Jennifer Aria Wilder-Boynes is a passionate, heart-centered illustrator supplying art, fashion and decor around the world. Her original designs are saturated in influence from travel, culture, and well-being.

Jennifer concentrated on contributing to a global understanding and appreciation of Caribbean culture, traditions, lifestyle, and identities and how that extends to Africa. At Her Leisure celebrates the entire Caribbean region and its Diaspora. At Her Leisure brings Afro- Caribbean culture to diverse audiences both on and offline in addition to keeping the Diaspora connected with their cultural heritage.

Developed in the U.S. and designed from inspiration around the world. For life, travel and leisure through love, travel and wander!

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