Keep Calm and Carry-On Girl Boss!

//Keep Calm and Carry-On Girl Boss!

Keep Calm and Carry-On Girl Boss!

As I wrap up Season 1, Episode 13 of GirlBoss, I leave the Netflix show confidently inspired.

I first learned about Sophia Amoruso in around 2014/2015 in pursuit of her #GIRLBOSS™ Foundation financial grant.  Grants are awarded on a biannual basis to female creatives pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Each grant beneficiary receives project funding for $15,000, plus exposure through the girlboss and Nasty Gal social channels as well as local and regional press. By supporting aspiring girlbosses, the Foundation aims to empower creative women to take over the world.

So let’s talk about the movie!!!  “What follows is a loose retelling of true events… Real loose.”

There were several takeaways from the movie and if you’re currently in business, they may have spoke to your former self, current self or the both of you.

The business, Nasty Gal, started in a San Francisco apartment utilizing a laptop, what seemed to be an MSN/AOL connection and an eBay account.  Although untrue, the series depicts her beginning her entrepreneurial endeavors by purchasing a vintage jacket that was well underpriced and utilizing her keen fashion sense and knowledge to confidently list the item onto eBay selling it for 75 times its purchase value.  After making a profit that sustained her living expenses, facing eviction and having $20 to her name.  She then pursued her quest for additional fashion, a brand name and to become a better professional.

So what did we learn;

  1. Buy low, aim high.   The movie didn’t dive into how Sophia acquired her keen sense of fashion, she obviously knew her industry.  She’s seen cutting clothing the instant it comes her way, beading wedding dresses and altering clothing from decades ago with minimal hesitation.  She knew her craft and aimed for just that.  Although Sophia tells writers that she shoplifted just about everything, ultimately her inventory came from estate sales and thrift shops.                                                                                                                                                  Fun Fact:  Depending on the neighborhood, one man’s trash can be your treasure.  I’ve acquired clothing racks and furniture from many people who just saw no value in it.  Keep a screwdriver in the car to unassemble items.  Often times what we need to leverage ourselves can be found in a Salvation Army, Dollar Tree/General, and right outside.

2.  Always look to your childhood for your inner confidence.                                                                                                              In the scene where Sophia’s “buffer” is introduced to her father, he speaks to her consistent strength which has overlapped into the theme of the brand.  Sophia carried a string around with nothing attached but her imagination. Although a great majority of people will never be able to see, understand or relate to your vision, it doesn’t mean you let it go.  Hold onto what you see or write it down and store it until the time comes to put your dreams into action.

3. We all need an Anne.

There was no more supportive of a character than Anne.  From the beginning of the movie to the very end, she gave everything of herself and asked for nothing in return.  People like this will walk into your life full of light and love.  They are typically free-spirited, energetic and above all genuine.  They enjoy helping others as it’s their love language and reveals that they hold a special place in their heart for you, no matter how short the encounter.

Unfortunately, Sophia’s flawed character takes advantage of this individual but like nature, Anne springs back into her jovial form accepting her best friend.

The movie teaches other great lessons in organization, compliance, and instilling independence/confidence in oneself.  If you haven’t checked it out already, I highly encourage it.

Let it awaken the Girlboss in you!


Author: Jennifer Wilder

Jennifer Aria Wilder-Boynes is a passionate, heart-centered illustrator supplying art, fashion and decor around the world. Her original designs are saturated in influence from travel, culture, and well-being.

Jennifer concentrated on contributing to a global understanding and appreciation of Caribbean culture, traditions, lifestyle, and identities and how that extends to Africa. At Her Leisure celebrates the entire Caribbean region and its Diaspora. At Her Leisure brings Afro- Caribbean culture to diverse audiences both on and offline in addition to keeping the Diaspora connected with their cultural heritage.

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