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“I absolutely loved my bag I purchased at the African Art Festival in Chicago. Once I saw the dope artwork on the bag and met the artist, I just had to buy it. I wear it every day!”

Shannon Smith

“I bought the Cheese Pine studio pouch and I couldn’t be happier! The bag showed up, wrapped in nothing but THE finest gold bubble wrap that was perfectly indicative of the treasures inside. The clutch was even more beautiful in person than it was on the website! Subtle details I’d missed, like the cute little blue tassel on the zipper, were not overlooked by Aria. Even the tags were a work of art! And as if I wasn’t already feeling those amazing “Love, Travel, Wander” vibes; there was a Heart to Paper postcard included that matched the custom tissue paper inside the bag! The whole thing was so cute, I just can’t even! Every time I carry my Cheese Pine clutch, I feel those vibes. I am happily draping my whole life in At Her Leisure!”

Honey Wingate

“I’m holding on to sunshine with my At Her Leisure Jamaica clutch. I love the detailing. I’m definitely adding one of Aria’s backpacks to my wishlist. Aria has designed some beautiful pieces highlighting the culture of our people.  It’s fun, sassy, and functional.  Head over today to check out her Artist Spotlights featuring women of color using culture as their medium.”

Christina Mighty

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